Europe Extravaganza! Part 1

I finally have the time to write up my summer’s travelling in europe, expect a continuing narrative update (or as close to one I can write) on my adventures.

Part 1: Airplane Boogaloo

Air Transat Flight 522 from YYZ to LGW

On the flight over to London I sat next to a hilarious British girl returning home from working in Toronto, I remember us getting into quite a deep conversation about the differences in her hair stylist job versus British hair stylists, and she did have excellent hair, but what was most interesting was her accent, imagine British with Toronto slang. Thankfully I didn’t get nauseous or had stomach movements so awkward aisle bumping & rubbing (Air Transat has the lowest leg room on their A330’s of any airline) was kept to a minimum.

An identical plane to the one I was one.

Gatwick immigration was less enjoyable. I had to wait in the longest line anywhere I’ve ever seen, you would think there would be another line for citizens of commonwealth countries but nope, everyone without a British passport had to pile up in one line.

After which I managed to buy a ticket for an express train to London Bridge, (note the train station is actually quite far from the eponymous bridge). Below you can see some photos I took of the landscape, and of the Shard as the train was rolling into station. Fun fact the Shard was the tallest building in Europe when completed but it has since been overtaken by a series of skyscrapers in Moscow, it however is still the tallest building in the European Union. Also it looks like it’s from the future.

Stay tuned for the next update.