Predictions on future Advertising from 1999

I came across a neat article in AdAge all the way from 1999, talking about the consumer of 2020. It’s remarkably prescient. Here’s an excerpt

We can quantify the number of new consumers by using concrete measures of attainment:

Education: Training in an academic discipline instills a belief in the effectiveness of information in making more enlightened decisions. Our new consumer will have gone to college for a year or more.

Work experience: Working in an information-intensive environment builds a pattern of behavior that carries over to decisions made at home. Our new consumer will be working as a manager, professional, or technician in an information-intensive job.

Income: Living in a household with enough purchasing power to make discretionary decisions on a regular basis means information will be a useful tool in tailoring consumer choice. Our new consumer will be living in a household with spending power of more than $50,000 (in 1999 dollars).

Access to technology: Technology empowers people to gather, analyze, and communicate information. Our new consumer will have access to high-speed, interactive, multimedia communication devices at home.

We define a new consumer as one who has at least three of the four characteristics mentioned above.

I’d say most people I know have all 4 characteristics.

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