Fun Facts Collection

  • Toronto is an upwards sloping city. There’s the ravines and valleys of course. But from the waterfront to Eglinton there is around a 100 m elevation rise. (Along Yonge Street) Once you get to Richmond Hill it’s close to 160 m above the lake. If you keep on going north it will rise to almost 300 m.
  • The word “treat” has 5 different primary verb meanings and 1 primary noun meaning. (Excluding any specific meanings in science, law, medicine, math, botany, etc.) With a variety of nuanced secondary meanings.
  • Canada has the highest volume of seaplane/floatplane operations of any country in the world!
  • Theres around 10 000 flights in the air right now. (circa 2019)
  • Nano bacteria exist! Believed to be The smallest possible forms of life, around 200 nm in diameter. Or 2000 hydrogen atoms in diameter. Can be found even in “sterilized” water since they slip through the smallest filters. Looks like a little nanomachine!
  • The nutrition facts standards for foods is a bit different between Canada and the United States. In Canada if the product serving has at least 0.1 g of either trans or saturated fats it is labelled, compared to 0.5 g in the States. So identical products can have different labels in both countries.
  • And “fat free“ foods might not actually be fat free. In fact in the extreme case the food could be like several % fat by weight and still be labelled with 0 grams of fat on American packaging.
  • Corundum, the super hard crystalline form of aluminum oxide, related to transparent aluminum, comes from the Tamil word Korundum, which is derived from ancient Sanskrit. (One of the few Tamil/Sanskrit words in the English Lexicon) Commonly known as Ruby and Sapphire in gem form. It is also one of the densest transparent materials known.
  • Humidity is very important for well being and for indoor comfort. At standard room temperatures the relative humidity % should be between 30 to 50. (dewpoint of 7 to 13 degrees Celsius)
  • The latest and greatest laser movie theatres are now starting to incorporate a new type of 3D projection technology without polarization filters and instead have multi stage dichoric lenses on the 3D glasses.
  • The triple border point between Alberta, Montana, and Saskatchewan is antipodal to the Kerugelen islands, the most remote piece of land in the world!
  • Apparantly information can be transformed into energy, in the physical sense, using something called an “information engine”. This is how physicists were able to recently resolve the paradox of Laplace’s Demon thought experiment that seemed to violate the second law of thermodynamic.
  • the closest living relatives of birds are crocodiles


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