Queen’s Hyperloop Team

I am really proud to see what the Queen’s Hyperloop team has accomplished in the years since our first meeting in fall of 2015.

We were just a couple of dreamers that September of 2015. I still remember the first meeting on the second floor of the engineering building when I wasn’t sure if anyone would turn up to hear me talk about this wild idea!

Marnus, Arthur, Andy, Jean, Katie, Jiminy Krawfert our grad. student advisor at the time, and Prof. Birk, our faculty rep. (remind me if I’m missing anyone!), and more came onboard as we rolled onwards to 2016.

Being Team Captain was pretty exciting and grueling those first few months!

It was a long journey, and I’m sure as the team grew to where they are at now, many more challenges were overcome!

Shoutout to the 2018-2019 leadership: Andy Tsuno Brenden Chow Fakid Hossain. You guys did a tremendous job getting to the finals!

Queen’s Hyperloop Design Team

2019 Summer Team Members with Elon Musk in California

Originally posted on facebook August of 2019