The more I learn the more I seriously consider the possibility that:

Every line of inquiry, if carried out seriously and for long enough, eventually enters the realm of metaphysics, regardless of the original subject, the interlocutors, or the medium of communication.

This is due to the boundaries of practical and theoretical knowledge that we eventually recognize as constraining our modes of thought. Because there are limits to the brains capacity to learn and limits to the rate that we can communicate with one another.

From another perspective everyone has a circle of competence that only maps a portion of reality, and once ventured outside of, the map rapidly degrades to the extent that it becomes apparent you only ever had maps of reality, and not actual reality contained within your mind to begin with.

I.e. To paraphrase an idea from Laozi expressed in the Dao de Jing:

the true way is inexpressible ( in human language that closely maps to experienced reality )

Originally posted on facebook August of 2020