Inter-cellular differences in genome

The most fascinating biology article I’ve ever read…

Implications assuming this is true:

  • Turns out if someone feels like they are missing something in their heart, that might be literal! Their heart cells could be missing genes or gene segments!
  • DNA Forensics might have trouble if this is true.
  • Maybe things such as sexual orientation, are induced and/or mediated by genetical/epigenetical effects due to missing/extra chromosomes, genomic mutations, etc.? For example the edge case of people missing chromosome segments in some critical brain cells.
  • Therefore, mental illnesses, such as bipolar or multiple personality disorders, could be caused, or at least influenced, by multiple different genomic groups of brain cells? A mosaic brain? Literally mind-boggling!
  • What if differences in personality between people are influenced by neuronal differences?
  • If a large chunk of the population are substantially mosaic, no wonder new medicines have so many possible and rare side effects!
  • And why traditional medicines might have drastically varying efficacy! i.e. seem to work on some and not on others
  • And consider the implications for obesity, addiction, depression, world view, personality, character, work ethic, pain tolerance, emotional sensitivity, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Could all human characteristics be influenced or mediated by cellular and/or genomic structure and expressions?
  • What does that imply about free will?
  • It would explain why general characteristics seem to be affected by countless genes For example, there is no single height gene. Instead thousands of genes, discovered so far, seem to influence it in some way.
  • It seems very likely that the human condition depends, on some level, to some degree, on random mutations that the human embryo experiences. And on further cell divisions during life.

Edited from original post on facebook April of 2019