What is technology? Perhaps everything is!

The more I understand the underpinnings of the world the more it seems that virtually all human experience have the attributes of technology.

Non obvious Examples:

1. Language is technology, yes every time communicates a thought they are using technology at least 50 000 years old.

2. Art is technology, as the specific attributes, modalities, characteristics, and forms of art both contain and express some of the technology of their time period. i.e. by its existence art serves as imperfect vehicles of technological transmission regardless of the intent of the artist

3. All human adornments are technology, we’re certainly not born with adornments

4. Religion is technology, again they are partly vehicles of technological transmission

5. Even love is technology, animals got on fine for hundreds of millions of years before the invention of love so it cannot possibly be an innate characteristic nor a prerequisite. Love is an evolutionarily recent addition for enhanced social coordination.

6. Society is technology, social organization is the facilitation of greater coordination through the form of symbols and other structures.