Natural language programming, the holy grail? OpenAI’s Codex

Recently the folks at OpenAI demonstrated their latest product that looks almost like natural language programming as envisioned by futurists, academics, and philosophers of computer science. See video below:

Amazing boulder programming

Especially notable is the demonstration of a mini-game being developed on the fly with a movable boulder and controllable character simply by some clever thinking and writing a few normal sounding sentences into the API (application programming interface) input of the Codex. For those unfamiliar with Python and Javascript, which are the languages in use here, this is pretty extraordinary.

Their trajectory of development so far and the room for future advancements portend pretty extraordinary improvements.

For more in-depth analysis I will defer to those more experienced in the field and will edit links here as they become available. (Unless nobody tackles it, then I may try writing above my paygrade!)