Experimenting with a new domain name

I’m trying out mzuo.ca instead of zuo.page for this website. Let me know if you have any suggestions either way.

The old name will still redirect to this site until March next year.

Why am I trying this out?

I originally chose zuo.page because it looked neat 2 years ago, lately I’ve decided to focus my efforts on a narrower scope of activities, and so I figure cutting back on the nice-to-have but unnecessary things are a step forward in that direction.

Short Interview with William Shockley (1969)

Dr. Shockley invented the transistor design that wound up in mass produced electronics in December, 1947. Quite worth the ~7 minutes to take a look:

Notably he speculates on flat screen displays as an off-hand remark, in 1969! Those folks at Bell Labs were a generation ahead of their time.

Do Bacteria make decisions?

Every now and then I come across a great Quora post.

This one contains a great answer to a somewhat esoteric topic, that of bacteria motion. It’s worth a read.


The short answer is yes, if you define decision making for bacteria as reliably selecting, out of various alternatives, one committed trajectory.