Short Interview with William Shockley (1969)

Dr. Shockley invented the transistor design that wound up in mass produced electronics in December, 1947. Quite worth the ~7 minutes to take a look:

Notably he speculates on flat screen displays as an off-hand remark, in 1969! Those folks at Bell Labs were a generation ahead of their time.

Do Bacteria make decisions?

Every now and then I come across a great Quora post.

This one contains a great answer to a somewhat esoteric topic, that of bacteria motion. It’s worth a read.

The short answer is yes, if you define decision making for bacteria as reliably selecting, out of various alternatives, one committed trajectory.

New minimal look

I’ve updated the site to get rid of everything nonessential. There are too many distractions online so now I am doing my part in helping you get rid of noise.

(Who needs sidebar widgets, header images, etc., anyways?)

Enjoy the new focused presentation of my content.

Review: Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Useful, with unavoidable flaws

Really cool technology and design with a few annoying downsides, perhaps a replacement+ for your halogen lamp

Major merits

Very snappy magnetic action, perfectly smooth, also fun!

Painless setup

Heavy base that will absolutely not shift around

Color temp., brightness, and motion, automation

App not even needed for most functionality

Minor merits

7.5 W USB-C charger

No WiFi – one less smart thing to worry about securing

very minimal branding, can be easily covered

Minor flaws

Colour rendering slightly less than halogen lamp equivalent

No detailed lighting specifications available

Cheap black plastic base underside

External power adaptor

Major flaws

Bizzare warranty and service scheme in Canada – 2 years only, compared to 5 years in the US – only spare parts available are the power supply and cable

Black components on the otherwise all White/Silver colour option that also add a functional flaw -overheating of the lamp seperator/cover – be careful not to touch it after a long session!

Too easy to trigger touch controls accidentally

Summary thoughts

Dyson tries really hard to be the Apple of small home appliances, they get close in certain aspects but in other ways fall quite short. For example, the cheap black plastic, that add an otherwise easily avoidable functional flaw to the lamp, which also replicates the major downside of the halogen lamps its designed to replace, is really indicative of something go wrong with their design process. Why was this kind of decision made? to save a few pennies on the BOM of a luxury lighting fixture? And touted to last for 60+ years no less… Perhaps Dyson will improve on these shortcomings for the next model.