It is not the consciousness of man that determines his existence—rather, it is his social existence that determines his consciousness.

Karl Popper

Speculative fiction recommendations

The best fiction series I’ve ever read: The Culture Series by Iain M. Banks.

The first one, Consider Phlebas, is a real doozy though so if you haven’t read sci-fi before I would recommend starting with the second book, The Player of Games.

The best standalone book for the beginning reader: Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

If you want the most mind bending book, try Permutation City by Greg Egan.

Fun Bonus Stuff

Maglev Bogie Dynamic Modelling


(Report written for a graduate level systems dynamics course)


Hyperloop Team

Queen’s Hyperloop Preliminary Powerpoint (Rough draft of the project design submission , this got us into the inaugural competition hosted at Texas A&M)

Circa 2015 December. Needless to say the team has made significant advancements since.


Product Design Ideation

Go Go Gadget Skates presentation (blue sky proof of concept as part of a product design course)

I still believe in it if materials science advances to the point of realizing it without a significant weight penalty. Who wouldn’t want to try that out!



Self Replication of Information Bearing Nanoscale Patterns

(Brief presentation I made, in the 3 minute thesis style, on a fascinating paper)


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