Experimenting with a new domain name

I’m trying out mzuo.ca instead of zuo.page for this website. Let me know if you have any suggestions either way.

The old name will still redirect to this site until March next year.

Why am I trying this out?

I originally chose zuo.page because it looked neat 2 years ago, lately I’ve decided to focus my efforts on a narrower scope of activities, and so I figure cutting back on the nice-to-have but unnecessary things are a step forward in that direction.

New style for my Blog


1.updated several elements for better browsing on mobile devices.

2. reduced unnecessary clutter

3. spiffy colour scheme!

Check out my useful links page for an eclectic assortment of places online I’ve found to provide value. Regularly updated.

Will post reviews of enlightening books, tastefully designed products, and wonderful architecture in my spare time. I promise!

Added a donation button too check it out in my About page.

My new blog name ‘Minimal & Maximal’ is intended to convey the ideas of minimal yet authentic living and optimization for a brighter future.

Finally changed my domain to zuo.page from MichaelZ.ca too.